Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 38: Yoga with a Friend

Today I went to 6pm class with my friend Kim.  She did a 30 day challenge back in Feb, then stopped going to yoga to train for a marathon.  Well, the marathon is over and today was her first day back to yoga.  She did awesome!  She is so strong.  Frank was teaching (yay! always love a Frank class) and he kept the room (the small evil hot room) from smokin' us out like what happened to me Sunday with Ball.  I had a strong floor series and felt so....good!  I was even looking at myself in the mirror and instead of being critical, I felt good about what I saw today.   I saw beautiful toned shoulders, big brown eyes and a strong body with a ever thinning middle.  Usually I just focus on the junk in the trunk and the big thighs.  What a first!  And you know what, after class a girl that I see often was leaving the locker room, and as she was leaving she looked at me and said "you look great by the way!".  Wow!  I don't look any different than when she saw me yesterday or the day before.  See what feeling good about yourself can do....its contagious!


  1. wow :) i love your attitude :) yay to bikram yoga :)

    btw, i'll add you in my blogroll, okay?

  2. Hey Mamma,

    Teacher Training has been a dream of mine for SO LONG. Now that I'm getting a strong grip on my health, my weight, and really seeing my practice grow I feel more and more confident in going.

    I always said if it was meant to be it would come around and it did. I am so glad for it! I believe if it's meant to be for you, it will also work out. Keep having faith in the yoga and yourself and believe that miracles happen!

    I am so encouraged by you. Keep up the blogging and YES LET'S GO 90!!!!!


  3. *drink lots of water* Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!
    I will add you to mine also.

    *karen* so excited for our 90! Now for me to catch up to make my 60. I'm two behind.