Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 42: Mother/ Daughter Day

Today was "hanging out with Ashley day".  We went to the 3pm class with Frank and then home to shower and get ready to go hang out at Town Square, a very hip outdoor mall that just opened.  The Frank class was pretty good.  Only six students (including me and Ash) were there.  Ashley had not been to yoga in awhile and struggled towards the end.  She had to lay down because she said it felt like her "heart was shaking" after doing a sit up.  Her vision blurred and she couldn't breathe through her nose then her body decided to cramp up.   Mind you I can't get this kid to hydrate properly before class, try as I may.  Short of opening her mouth and pouring the water down her throat myself, all I do is nag nag nag at her to get some water in her and she just forgets.  That was probably part of her problem, and as I type this she is sitting here watching me saying "your so mean mom!".  He he.  I did that on purpose.  Maybe blogging about it will shame her into hydrating properly tomorrow when we go back!  Ha ha!
Real quick I'll catch you up on last nights class:  I went to Frank's 5pm happy hour and had a pretty good class.  I was a little low on balance but felt more flexible than ever.  In fact, I made some progress in getting my forhead alot closer to the floor in separate leg stretching posture.  Today I was so close that Frank got all excited and said "touch it Michelle, touch your forehead, touch it!" I got even closer and he said "did you feel that! you went down two more inches!".  For the first time ever I realized that I will get my forehead on the floor (which really seemed impossible a month ago, I was so far away).  The key is I've been able to finally get my legs further apart and still have them locked out.  When I very first started this yoga those poor legs used to shake like the dickens and were too tight to get them very far apart.  I think I will get that forehead to the floor very soon!  Like during this challenge soon!

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  1. Your blog made me smile! I try the same with my soccer player son and water! Also it made me smile because you sound happy and strong! Keep it up! Let me know your schedule this week so we can yoga unite baby!
    Oh, you and Ash look beautiful! Is she doing yoga with you this week? My son's been wanting to come again, as has my daughter, but she has a pretty busy week.