Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 59: Standing room only....

Dray taught the 5:30 tonight.  He always plays to a "sold out show".  He really packs 'em in.  Hey, he's good.  What more do you want?
I picked up Ashley again, and we both had a great class with Dray.  I am feeling so strong right now that I cannot imagine stopping and losing my momentum.  So I'm going to keep going for now.  I'm going to keep the blog up and keep posting.  In case I can somehow make 90 in 90.  I have a party at my house one Friday night that will prevent me from going and a trip to San Diego.  I will be going to yoga in La Jolla while I'm there, so I'm not going to miss a ton of days...maybe just one or two.  So already that's three days I won't be able to go.  On top of that, with the time changes, I cannot go after bowling anymore, however, bowling is over soon.  So I may be able to make it.  I'll keep blogging and keeping track of my classes and we will see what happens!

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