Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 43: Mother and Daughter part dos

Ash and I attended the 5pm with Frank tonight. Ashley said she felt weird again, but she did seem to do better today. Its been 3 weeks for her, so she's adjusting to the heat and humidity again. I had a solid practice, nothing special but solid nonetheless. A cool thing happened after class. There were two new girls (on their fourth class) right behind me and one of them asked how long I'd been practicing when we were in the locker room. I told her a little over a year and she said "I was watching you guys in the row in front of!" I told her I was a train wreck when I first started, couldn't even get my foot into my hand for standing head to knee. Hopefully I gave her some hope! Believe me, I was a mess, starting out with no natural talent (i.e: gymnastics or dancing...they seem to have a leg up on the poor saps like me). :)

Tomorrow Ash and I will hit the 6pm together. Oh boy the small hot room! Yikes!

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