Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 44: A blast from the past

Today was 6pm with Frank.  Ashley came with me again....her third day in a row! Yippee!
She felt great and wants to go more this week.  She'll be going to her dads tomorrow, but I told her if she can get him to drop her off at the studio, I'll bring her back to him after class.  I'll cross my fingers that she gets there a couple more times this week.  I have her all next week, so she'll get to go plenty then.
The class today was smokin' hot.  I was in the front row (it was the small room) and it was pretty crowded.  I had a decent class, but did struggle internally with the heat.  Plus my mind was a little distracted.  Ten minutes before class, sitting in the hall talking to a woman who I always say hi to we finally realized we knew each other from somewhere else.  She had her 18 year old daughter with her and Ashley was with me.  She looked at Ashley and said "you look familiar".  Then I looked at her and her daughter and I said "I think I know you from somewhere other than yoga".  We couldn't figure it out, but it was on the tip of my tongue.  I walked over to the front desk and looked at the sign in sheet.  I walked back over and said "Kim, I know where i know you from.  I dated your brother 7 years ago".  Then there was all of the "Oh!" and "look how much your daughter has grown up!"  Her daughter is 18, but was 11 last time i saw her.  Ashley was only 5.  Talk about a blast from the past!  

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