Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 47: Uneventful, thank God

The coast is clear.  That's how I felt sitting on my mat right before class, surveying the yogi's and yogini's waiting for class with me.  No invasion of my sanctuary with ex boyfriends and their new girlfriends.  Yay.
Today was 6pm with Frank in the small room.  I went and picked up Ashley from her dads and she parked herself right in front of the door.  She likes that spot in the small room, who doesn't?  If and when the teacher opens the door you get that nice blast of cool air.  I personally don't like to be right in front of the door because I am soaked by the time it is opened and I get chilled.  Ashley said she had a tough time today.  She seemed a little disappointed so I just reminded her that's why this yoga is interesting.  Your body is different every single day and you never know when you are going to get that rockstar class or just struggle your way through it.
I did fine.  I was not as strong as I was yesterday during my first class of the double.  Nothing exciting happened, and for today I will say that's good.  What a week.  Well, I'm just very thankful I didn't miss any days and even got a double in.  I need to make up three more classes.  Sunday looks like a good day for a "split" double....maybe roll on into the noon class with Dray (haven't had a Dray class in forever it seems) and then come back around 5 or 6 for round two.

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