Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 54: Happiness and Bowling

Today was crazy bowling night.  Bowling league from 6 to 8 (actually 8:30 tonight) and then race up for 9pm yoga class.  Yuko, our little flexible Japanese doll taught tonight.  I must confess I was not feeling the yoga love when I got there, I was dreading the late night class.  My stomach had been acting up all day (sorry, but it was very gassy) and I was in agony most of the class.  Try to do a 90 minute yoga class with your butt clenched and your stomach gurgling and burbling.  Insanity.  Other than that problem,  I felt strong and had no issues.  Ashley was with me tonight and bailed 30 minutes in.  She doesn't normally leave so I was surprised.  She said she wasn't feeling well.  
I'm a little fearful of the upcoming weekend.  I have to pull doubles three days in a row.  My nerves are jangling and my mind is dreading.  I suppose my fear stems from my body just not being able to do that three days in a row.  I shouldn't worry though, because as long as I take it easy and listen to my body and stay hydrated, I should be just fine.  I am so strong right now, stronger than I have been in over ten years.  How cool is that?  
Why happiness in the blog title?  Well, because I am.  Happy that is.  Tonight at bowling I was wearing my "Choose Happiness" T-shirt from tees for change and one of my bowling partners looked at me and said "you do have to you know".  I said "what?" because I wasn't realizing he was referring to my shirt.  He said "choose happiness, you do have to".  I smiled and said "I know, and I am".  Looking back on some blogs where I am not feeling so happy, I see that the more I embrace this yoga and the more I commit and not miss any days, the easier it is to choose happiness.
Life is good.

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