Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 49: More Paincakes....

12 noon class with Dray....and I got to hear his quote again "we aren't selling cheesecake here, we are selling paincakes".  He cracks me up.  I had a pretty good class.  I was in the small hot room and unfortunately, the cooler end of the room was packed out.  So I wound up on the left side by the humidifier, but I parked myself in the front row by the door.  Lucky for me, it was opened a few times by wonderful Dray.  Michelle, another instructor was behind me and has a very nice practice.  Nalini, an instructor as well was in there too.  The class had a great energy and I really enjoyed having Dray again.  Its been a couple of weeks I think so I'm glad it worked out this way.
Well, tomorrow I will hopefully get to two classes and then I will only have two doubles left after that.
I can't believe there are only 11 days left!  Wow.  I am pretty sure I'm going for 90 days, but my studio just threw a monkey wrench into my plans in the form of changed class times.  Not sure if it will work out with bowling night now.  I can still do it if I get there every other day and make up bowling nights by pulling a double every weekend until bowling is over.  I think it will be well worth it, especially to keep myself on track with my weight loss goals.  Tomorrow I weigh in for the end of week 4.  I'm hoping to see a good number, maybe something close to a ten pound total loss.  That would be great!

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