Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 36: Still two behind

Today was the opposite of yesterday.  Yesterday I was strong physically but emotionally a mess.  Today I am numb emotionally and was a physical wreck.  I went with my friend Shelley to 12noon class.  Ball, a yoga champion who is visiting Las Vegas taught the class.  It was super super hot.  I was strong up until balancing stick and then I fell apart.  I sat out one triangle staggered back up for the remaining standing series poses but was panting out of control and sweating way more than I ever have.  I almost drowned myself in the posture right after triangle.  By the floor series I was done.  My ears were ringing, I was dizzy and weak.  I was up late last night, had trouble sleeping again.  
The plan was for Shelley and I to stay and do the 2pm class.  It was an advanced class open to all students.  Advanced is normally by invitation only.  I was not able to stay, I was too weak after the hot, humid, 12 noon class.  So my plans for a double were squashed and I am still two classes behind.  I really wanted this to work out today because I wanted to see what advanced looks like.  I knew I would not be able to do most of the postures, but I sure wanted to see everybody else doing them!  
So on non-yoga notes:  week 2 of Jenny Craig was over today and I am down a total of 4.4 pounds.  The house is quiet, empty and very strange without my dog to greet me.  I keep looking for her in my room, and I still expect her to be there when I walk in.  Today I am tired and sad and gloomy.  At least I'm not crying, but I kind of wish I was doing that instead.  I am currently doing laundry, watching TV and waiting patiently for the hours to pass so I can go to work tomorrow.....and I feel lonelier than I have ever felt in my entire life today.  Madison really was good company.  I miss her terribly.  Can't wait until my daughter comes home on Friday.  

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