Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 52: Hanging in there

The last 60 day challenge I did was alot easier on me mentally than this one.  This one is starting to wear me down a little.  I think its due to the number of doubles I have to complete between now and next Tuesday.  THREE!  
Today was 5pm with Dray and I had a decent class.  My spine strengthening series was pretty solid and I was able to do all of the postures to the best of my ability without feeling tired, sore or overheated.  It was very humid in there today, but not too hot, so even though i was soaking wet from the humidity, the heat was not bad at all.
I have nothing exciting to report for day 52.  Its been a tough couple of weeks for me with the dog and I'm feeling a little blah right now.  I'll bounce back, I always do.

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