Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 46: A double, two friends, a daughter and an ex

Holy crap.  Where do I start with this one?  At the beginning I suppose.  Here goes:  I did a double today.  Yippee!  I took the 5pm and 7pm with Frank.  My daughter asked her dad to drop her off for the 7pm and he agreed, so she showed up at 6:30.  Yay!  She had a great class and said she is jazzed to come so many days this week.  She feels great.  The second thing that happened was my ex boyfriend and I finally ran into each other after 7 months of successfully avoiding each other at yoga.  He had a female friend with him to take the 7pm class together and sort of acted like he didn't see me (maybe he didn't, who knows) so I went over and said hi.  I was glad in a way that it finally happened, it was inevitable and of course its going to happen when I'm on the second class of an intense double and feel like a train wreck!  Oh well, what do ya do.
The next thing was two friends of mine were coming to 7pm yoga to try it for the first time.  Well, they lasted about 30 minutes, rolled up their mats and hightailed it out of there.  I haven't talked to them yet.  One of them works with me so I'll go bug her tomorrow and give her a hard time.
How did I do on my double?  Well, my first class I felt incredibly strong.  I had the best class I've had in a long time.  Second class, not so much.  I was (understandably) a little shaky from unexpectedly running into the ex (I say unexpectedly because he works at night) and I was also a little shaky in the legs second time around.  I did all the postures though and even rocked out a very solid, very respectable standing bow.  Frank gave me a "beautiful Michelle".  He's so nice.  Love a Frank class.  
So what's in store for tomorrow?  Well, just a nice little 6pm class in the small hot room.  Just one class tomorrow.  I'll pull another double over the weekend.  Ashley wants to go again and needs me to pick her up, so we'll roll on into the 6pm.  Ashley asked the front desk who is teaching and they told her Frank.  So she is very excited.  Frank pays special attention to her and she loves it.  Hey, whatever gets her to yoga!
So to end this post, I've got to just say "Is it just me, or is the past hitting me over the head with a baseball bat this week?"  I ran into the sister of another ex boyfriend from seven years ago Monday night.  Then bam, two nights later my most recent ex shows up with his new gal.  Yep, baseball bat.  Good thing I have a secret weapon.  I have learned how to just...........breathe.

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