Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 74: This is how it's supposed to feel

Today was the last day of my conference.  It's back to work tomorrow.  I got out early and was able to zip down to the 330 with Patty.  The room was perfect temp, my body felt strong and flexible and the knee was fine.  A little stiff and sore, but one hundred percent better than the class that caused me to take a day off.  Today I was able to get into some amazing backbends.  I was looking at the floor on the very first backbend of the day and the second one my arms were locked out solid finally going back towards my ears.  I've been really working the arms on that posture lately.  I kept my butt squeezed, knees locked and wished I could see what I looked like because it sure felt like a deep backbend!
I've really been feeling alot of mental strain since day 60 and today it lifted.  Today my excitement for this yoga and this challenge came back.  Today I loved being in that room and today I did not have to fight with myself at all.  During final savasana, I lay there with that old familiar feeling, the "aaaaahhhhh....I feel like a washcloth that just got wringed out" feeling and I felt so relaxed.  This is how the yoga is supposed to feel.  I'm glad it's back.


  1. Oh, hurray! See, with the bad days come the good---better!---days. All part of the cycle, the struggle, the growth.

  2. congrats on that great feeling that makes the tough times worth it!