Saturday, April 25, 2009

Days 87-89: Emotional turbulence, physical ease

Well good morning everybody.  I am back and have missed updating my blog and reading your comments.  Thanks for taking great care of Reggi!  I will just write a quick post to update you on the last few days of yoga and then I'm going to be heading off to the 930 am with fabulous Frank to celebrate day 90!  Here's hoping for a great class!
The last few days have been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster for me on a personal level.  The issue that came to a head really has not been resolved so to speak, but I still feel a great deal of peace regardless.  I have faith that things will turn out for me the way they are supposed to for each facet of my life.  This yoga has given me so much strength and endurance on so many levels.  I've just got to take care of me and the rest will fall into place.
So here I sit at 7:30 am on a lovely Saturday morning, listening to my halfway restored ipod (I say halfway because I got it working but it wouldn't let me drag music onto it, instead it created a playlist and copied as much as it could over and not the songs I wanted!).  I'm annoyed about the ipod, but it gives me a great excuse to get an ITouch in the near future.
My practice the last three days during this emotional turbulence has been phenomenal.  My body is really showing up for me.  Last night was 630 with Patty in the small room, which I love because it's cozy, and as I was picking up my foot for standing head to knee I thought, "wow, that was easy!".  That's how that whole practice went, easy, effortless, wonderful.  This is the strongest and most flexible I've ever been in my whole life.  I am excited about the fact that I'm not done.  I've got so much room for improvement and growth and depth in the postures.  
I will bring my camera this morning and have Reggi snap a day 90 pic.  I'll post it later tonight.  I honestly don't think you will be able to see a difference, as the scale tells me I have remained the same the entire challenge, but I do feel a difference in my hip area.  So we'll see if that difference I feel is noticeable on camera.


  1. I got an iPhone for my birthday and I love it. I'm not suggesting you need an iPhone, but since the Touch is so similar as far as the pod part goes, I'm sure it's awesome. And the games & apps are cool, too.

  2. Oh, I would totally get the iphone if I didn't have a work issued blackberry. Those look so cool. What a great bday present!