Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 68: It's all about form

Today was 1pm with Oksana, in the small room.  I love the small room and hardly ever get to practice in there!  I took a half day vacation today because I have to work Saturday and Sunday this week on top of my normal Mon-Fri gig.  I am going to a conference for work Tues-Thurs and Sat-Mon is a pre-conference class.   Ugh.  I'll be up and at em early in the morning and going to yoga after class/conf just like work.  It's going to be grueling.  I took the half day today to get a pedicure and maintain my sanity.  Oksana's class was fantastic.  I was totally focused and really listened to her.  I was working hard on form because Oksana always inserts gems into the standard dialog.  I rocked out second set of standing bow pulling pose, second side and got a "beautiful Michelle, good work" from Oksana.  I stayed in the whole time, had my shoulder to my chin, was kicking up, foot behind my head, perfect alignment, kicking and stretching equal 50/50 just like the dialog says.  I even got my weight balanced on the standing leg between the toe and heel equal.  It felt like a glorious, wonderful, strong bow!  Then in spine strengthening series I rocked out full locust.  My back is getting so strong!  I was really up there lifting and lifting and went further than I ever had before, and thought to myself, ok, you are here, now don't forget to breathe!  It was awesome.  What a great class!  My declining mental state is gone and I am totally excited about hitting day 70 and then I only have 30 more to go to hit 100.  And how easy is a 30 day challenge?  No worries, I can do it!

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  1. Its amazing how, just a few days ago you'd come from the brick wall to this! This is the mystery of Bikram Yoga. I've missed 5 classes this week and am craving it so bad! Keep up the great work Michelle, I'm absolutely amazed at your determination. Namaste.