Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 95: "There is no failure, only delays on the road to success"

Today was 430 with Anastashia.  I informed her, as I rushed in 10 mins before class that I had to leave right at 6, so if she was running over, I'd be leaving before class was over.  I let her know I was going to be rushing off to shower and go to my daughters sports banquet.  She gave me a beautiful smile and said in her sweet (russian?) accent "no problem, don't worry about it".  Well, bless her heart, she taught a very nice, very smooth 85 minute class.  She also watched me like a hawk during standing bow and encouraged me to get my "body down, body down, get your body down more Michelle".  I kick up pretty high, my foot is way up over my head, and I really work on lining up the shoulders and keeping the shoulder to the chin.  I struggle with two things:  body down parallel (it's not) and my head.  She actually corrected me on the head second set.  I tilt my head to the side and I get nailed on that constantly by the teachers (thankfully!).  I always think, oh crap! and try to straighten it out and come tumbling out of the posture sideways.  Weird!! I am so thankful for corrections because I never did notice the head tilt thing until called out on it.  So let me give a huge shout out to all Bikram teachers who keep the timing, control the temp, encourage us collectively and sometimes one by one and who correct, being sticklers for form.  How awesome are you!  
The title of my was on the wall of the cafeteria of my daughters school tonight.  I liked it, it spoke to me so I emailed it to myself from my blackberry real quick so I wouldn't forget it verbatim.  It is by "anonymous".  Man that anonymous guy writes some great stuff!   LOL.
You know what, the tone of my post probably sounds like I'm in a good mood.  It didn't start off that way.  I woke up with the breakup pain and loss sitting on my chest like a giant elephant.  I slogged my way through getting ready for work, driving there on autopilot.  Once I got there I pushed thoughts of him aside all day long, like stray hairs falling in my eyes.  I felt strong but absentminded during yoga.  I guess life continues to happen, no matter how we feel inside.  We have bills to pay, banquets to attend, lots to do at just keeps going and we can't afford to be left behind, nor would I want to miss any precious moments like my daughter being honored at school for her dance team achievement.  So I continue to absentmindedly brush those stray hairs aside,  ignore the elephant on my chest and embrace what's in front of me.  


  1. "I guess life continues to happen, no matter how we feel inside." Yes---indeed. It does.

    But, we happen into life, too. In that, we choose our attitudes (and look at your positive outlook!), and we choose our priorities (family, love, self, yoga), and we choose our "successes" and "failures," because they're relative, subjective.

    Bravo for embracing what's in front of you, for pushing the hairs aside and moving forward, for giving love even when all you want is for someone to give love to you. And, of course, for hitting day (holy crap) 95. :)

  2. Wow only 5 days to go! :) Glad you hung in there.