Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 82: The Five P's

Today was 5:30 with Yuko.  One of the regulars, Karen, asked me to "facebook her" today to prod her into coming today.  So I did, and she was there, even skipped happy hour to do it.  She was sitting across from me and she said "guess I'm back in the saddle".  She had missed a week or so and wanted to get back on track.  Like usual for a Friday the class was not very crowded.  I parked myself in the front row to the right of the door and kneeled down expectantly, wondering what this class would bring.  I have not had Yuko for so many months, that I can't remember even how long it's been.  Last time I had her she was fairly new from training, struggling to find her timing and style.  Today I could feel her confidence and her timing was spot on.  She is a very petite little Japanese gal who practices ALOT (read: twice a day most days) and is just sweet as pie.  I enjoyed her class immensley and had a nice strong practice.  
During the 2 min savasana between standing and floor series she went to open the far door and while she was doing that, a guy picked up his mat and left via the door by me.  I didn't realize it but she had actually went out that door and circled around and suddenly the door by me opens and in comes the guy with Yuko trailing behind.  She said "I caught you!" and helped him put his mat back down.  She was very cute about it and he did not appear mad or anything.  It was funny, alot of the class did a very low key chuckle as he sheepishly set back up.  She was very gracious, thanking him for trusting her and went back up onto the podium.  She said to us "only leave if you have one of the five P's:  Pee, Poop, Puke, Pass out or Period.  And it's temporary even then, you come back in".  I have never heard that.  Thought it was amusing.


  1. HAH!! she sounds absolutely adorable and awesome.

    but that's too many P's!

    if you think you have to pee you can usually hold it.

    and if you get your period and it's not SUPER bad and you're not wearing light colored shorts, you can just do towel origami. been there, done that. (TMI??)

  2. OMG, towel origami. That's hysterical! I know for a fact some of my fellow yogini's have had to play that one, I have been lucky and have escaped the origami. Thanks for the comment! You made me laugh. :)

  3. And if you pass out, how are you gonna get out of the room???

    I've had to leave the room twice so far, both times to pee because I had seriously messed up my hydration schedule. And yes, often you can hold it in.

    Another P is "planned." I haven't done this, but a few weeks ago my brother told me he had a meeting he had to get to, but he really didn't want to skip a full second day. So he went into class planning on leaving after the standing series and first Savasana. He told the teacher beforehand, and she agreed that any yoga is better than none. Afterwards, he reported that the standing series, by itself, is unsatisfying - yogus interruptus, is how he put it.

  4. Yogus interruptus, that is brilliant! Thanks Duffy! You are as insightful as ever. Love your blog!