Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 80: Message in a Bottle

Today was 530 with english-accent-I'm-going-to-kick-your-ass-and-roast-you-out-of-the-room Mark.  He was working the english accent but he didn't kick our asses or roast us out of the room.  Last time I took his class, he tried to kill us.  Perhaps he felt guilty.  Or maybe he was just in a mellow mood.  Regardless, it was a nice, perfect temp, low, slow, flow kind of class.  Ahhhhh.
Pre-class activity included me, Reggi, Christian, Christians visiting brother from Salt Lake City and Darla cutting up in the lobby.  Darla was re-enacting our headset snafu from yesterday for Christian.  Then another instructor, Roy came over and somehow the conversation turned into "wardrobe malfunction" stories.  Roy told Reggi and I a story of wearing some cheapy target type shorts and having a major wardrobe malfunction in separate leg stretching.   A little rip in the crotch and some parts playing peek-a-boo.  He didn't think anybody saw, but sharing the story later with fellow yogi's they said "oh yeah, I heard about that".  He was mortified!  Him retelling the story to Reggi and I was hilarious.  
I had a solid class.  Not rockstar, not bad...just solid.  Reggi, Christian, Darla and I all practiced together in the front row and there was a very nice energy, focus, determination.  I felt great when it was over.
I got home today and checked the mail.  A tiny box was in there.  I opened it and inside was a small glass bottle with a cork.  Inside the bottle was some sand and seashells and a rolled up message, tied to the cork.  I pulled the cork, the message coming out with it.  I unrolled the pretty paper and proceeded to read my very good friends very beautiful wedding invitation.  Like me, she is late 30's still single.   She is getting married in May and I have been planning to go to her wedding in So. California since last fall.  Seeing the invitation, so pretty, so cute, rolled up in that delicate glass bottle brought tears to my eyes.   My best friend from high school, who I roomed with in college, is getting married.  I already knew this, but holding that delicate paper in my hand, reading the details in a fancy font, which spells out the date in words all formal just touched me beyond anything I can describe.  I am so happy for her.  I realized, holding that paper in my hands, that I need to be as helpful as I can when I am out there, and do everything in my power to help make her day special.  She's not doing a bunch of brides maids or maid of honor, but she did ask me to help her with details that day.  Is the photographer here? The minister?  Etc etc.  I said "Yes, of course!".   When I talk to her, I can feel her calmness, her peace, her sureness.  She knows.  And it came to her when she had given up, when she was least expecting it.  I think it's beautiful and I'm honored to be a part of it.

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