Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 85: Frank roasts us out, but I maintain grace under pressure

Yup.  That's pretty much today's class in a nutshell...the title of my post.  Today was 530 with Frank, sans Reggi.  I haven't practiced with her in a few days and was a little bummed she wasn't going to be there.  Hey, she has a life, right?  Me, well, this IS my life right now.  So I park myself by Christian and instructor Patty.  Lonnie and Jo (married couple) were in the back row and a whole host of other familiar faces surrounded me on the left side of the room.  I walked into the room feeling good, but have done this enough to know feeling good doesn't always equate to a good class.  Well, my Sunday afternoon of pasta, water, some chores, some relaxing and eventually an awesome 8 hour sleep paid off today.  I was strong, focused, fluid, flexible, graceful again.  My "yoga body" was back.  Oh thank God!  In fact, I had such an awesome focused practice that the few times I noticed it was hotter than normal, the thought just slid out of my mind and off my body along with the hundreds of droplets of sweat that I didn't even bother to fidget with or wipe.  I was just totally in the zone and instead of fighting the heat, I completely surrendered to it.  After class, Frank asked how I felt and I thanked him and said "I'm back to normal!".  He said "you're so strong!".  He is so supportive and encouraging.  
After class, in the locker room, several red faced yoginis sat on benches, looking completely wiped out.  Two of them asked me, "was it just me, or was it hotter than normal today?"  I acknowledged that it was indeed very hot and humid and lamented with them a little (even though I had a stellar class) because they needed that, I know I do when I have a class wrought with suffering.  I walked out of there amazed at what we can do and endure and once again blown away by this yoga.  Blown away by the fact that every day is completely different in that room.  I am in love with this yoga and instead of getting tired of it I continue to become more and more enamored with it, even after bad days like yesterday.  


  1. Thank you for that post! I am a newbie to yoga so when my sister dragged me to a class, I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't believe I could do it. It took 3 classes for me to get through all of the poses and then I finally did! Once I got through all of the poses, I though I had this, but I have good sessions and bad sessions. I'm not giving up because the benefits of Bikram yoga are so great and I see the results immediately! I will continue on with my practice. I don't like going to a gym so I think I've finally found something I can do for my body while enjoying it!

  2. Jennifer~ I have never stuck to anything like I have stuck to this. Me and the gym did not get along (see: Bonus Post, the evolution of me, the before shot shows me and I obviously wouldn't have known a gym if it came up and kicked me in the rump). Even after two years I have good classes and bad classes. That's what makes this yoga so interesting. Probably will continue to be this way the rest of my life, and I'm ok with that. Good luck on your journey and stick to it! The benefits go far beyond the physical.

  3. That's kind of how I feel about red wine.

    I WISH I felt it about yoga. ;-)

  4. LiLu~ I share your love of wine! :)