Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 90: She looks the same folks!

Oh well, what do ya do?
Today was 930 with Frank.  Reggi was there for class 2 of her double.  She kills me.  You can't even tell she is on her second class.  Talk about grace under pressure.  Geez.  I am a mess on my second class! 
 Today I had a fairly strong class again.  Not as good as last night, but then I always am a little tighter and slower to warm up in the early am classes.
Even though I look the same, I'll post the pics so you will believe me!  :)
Day 1:

Day 90:


  1. i think you look much more toned in the 90 day pic. good job!

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  3. Whether or not you look different, it's plain to see that you feel different about yourself - and that's really the trick, isn't it? I went back and looked at your 30-day pic and even from there, you're demeanor is different - more confident.

    Only 11 more days to go! Good work, mama! And I totally dig the super-sexy pink shorts!

  4. OK, I deleted my first comment because I apparently had the photo order mixed up. The basic point still stands. The photos are similar, but there are enough differences in them that its not a good basis for comparison. Your position is different, the size of you relative to the frame, the shorts are different, the lighting is a bit different. And my guess is that the focal length on the camera lens is different. All of this makes it very hard to judge.

  5. I don't know if it is because the lighting in the first picture is so dark, but I see a drastic change energetically. It looks to me, through the way you are holding yourself, and how relaxed your face is that this experience has allowed you to let go of something... you look very vibrant and glowing. I think that it is hard to tell "how" we have changed with yoga because like Bikram says this yoga is designed to make you MORE YOU! On the inside we already know what that is, we're just trying to bring it out into the world more, so that we can do what we came to this earth to do. Next step, teacher training?