Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 67: After turbulence comes peace

I am sitting here listening to music, candles lit. my cat sleeping on top of the sofa in my room.  I just got off the phone with my awesome yogini buddy Reggi.  I've cleaned up the kitchen, opened all of my mail, showered, changed into jammies.....nested.  What does this have to do with yoga?  Nothing.  Nothing and everything all at the same time.  Tonight was 530 with Patti.  Lets face it, I had two very rough practices in a row.  Roberta on Tues night, then Mark trying to kill me last night.  I dragged myself into the studio tonight, a thousand excuses as to "why Michelle needs a break" running through my head like a tired old soundtrack.  I don't know how I made it up those stairs.  I don't know how I was able to scan my card and sign in for that class.   I really had no desire to go to yoga.  I was dreading that place, that room, questioning my sanity.  Reggi was not at yoga tonight so instead I talked to two "newbies" before class.  The girl, Candace, young, pretty, a dancer was on her fourth class and was feeling the first blush of love for Bikram.  I know that feeling.  My collapsing mental state was drawn to her excitement like a moth to a flame.  Her friend, a young male was there for his first time.  He said "I agreed while drinking last night! ".  They were so cute, so young, so nice.  In the room, they were behind me.  "Set a good example Michelle" is what entered my mind as pranayama breathing began.  So I just focused, relaxed, and let Patty's soothing voice take me where I needed to go.  Ahhh, I've found a new favorite!  Patty has great timing, keeps the room perfect (it was not too hot, nor did she open doors too much and let it get too cool) and has a wonderfully soothing voice.  Suddenly, she floated to the top of my "teachers I love list".  I had a strong, solid, respectable practice and drove home on cloud nine, full of peace and love.  Once I got home that feeling of peace never left.  I was listening to my ipod and cleaning the stove and feeling very grateful that I had a stove to clean.  I know, that probably sounds sort of.....well, trippy, but there you have it....I'm at peace tonight.  And it feels very good.

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