Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Guest Post by Reggi: Day 88 For Bikram Yoga Chick!!!

Its 530 Class as usual with our beautiful "Goddess from Brazil" Instructor Anastasia. Picture this beautiful, tall, perfect body with a sweet personality. She is a doll. The class is a lovely 105 degrees, 40 percent humidity...pretty damn perfect I might say...I am not gonna bitch about my bruised big toe or my struggle of stiff limbs, but rather applaud the lovely environment we had in and out of class.

For Mich and myself, it was "cocktail hour" shall we call it, before class began in the lobby. We run into our "pass-me-a-cigarette sexy-ass" instructor Frank coming out of the 330 class all wet and scrumptious I might add. He hollers across the lobby, "Hey Reg, how did it go at the Red Carpet Event?" I hollered back, "Fantastic with all the interviews...I got some nice one-on- ones." For those of you wondering what I am referring to...I am a freelance correspondent, who interviews celebrities, real people, whoever I can get my hands on to share their story. It is my passion, but doesn't pay the bills yet! Nevertheless, Frank was getting ready to see some shows on the strip. He explains he was invited to two shows the same evening! The man is in demand! The lobby was full of veteran yogis and yoginis laughing and chatting like we were at happy hour. It was a good day.

As for Mich, she is kicking ass on her 88th Day and looking good! I wonder what's in the kool-aid she was drinking today. Something has definitely shifted in her. She is glowing and beaming nothing but good vibes. She was in a great mood and smiling throughout class! That's my girl! Let's commend her for staying the path! The Beautiful Struggle stay tuned...


  1. The kool-aid effect must be lingering today. Michelle was looking simply marvelous at work today!

  2. Yes for sure! She is beaming something fabulous! All about balance and peace and I think that is what our girl has going on! Ha!

  3. Ah, you guys are so sweet! It's just the Bikram Yoga glow! :)