Monday, April 27, 2009

A proper goodbye

I have decided to stop blogging and wanted to give you all a proper goodbye instead of mysteriously disappearing from the blogosphere.  I want to say goodbye because I want to tell you all how much I appreciated having readers.  Some are my friends and family, others fellow Bikram challenge yogis, fellow bloggers, and maybe just people who stumbled across me by googling Bikram yoga.  However you found me I hope that I have in some way inspired your yoga practice or perhaps even encouraged you to try Bikram.
Thank you for all of the encouragement, love, light, blessings you have sent my way.
What started as a 60 day challenge morphed into more and the end result is I feel great, deepened my practice and formed a habit.  Will I make it to 100?  Quite honestly I am taking the evening off to quietly decompress at home.  But because I have put so much heart and soul into this challenge, my crazy ass will probably do a double so that I make the 100 classes.  If not, I'm ok with that too as I am ecstatic that I made 90.  I will be doing Bikram for the rest of my life and have already decided to do at least 2 challenges a year whenever possible.  So, later this summer I'll probably be back, doing another 60 and reviving the blog. 
Good luck and namaste.


  1. Good luck to you! I loved reading about your great journey.congrats...and peace be with you!

  2. BC~ thank you so much. I put my heart and soul into this yoga, this blog, this life and I thank you for joining me, for reading about my journey. Yoga is certainly not about a destination, a graduation, it truly is a journey, it mirrors life. Good luck to you and thank you so much for reading!

  3. Whatever it is you put your heart and soul into never forget that you're at the top of that list.

    Can't wait to read about your next challenge!


  4. Sorry you are stopping the blog. I've really enjoyed reading it, and hope you decide to take it up sometime again.

  5. Michelle! Sad to see you leave the blogosphere! But, congratulations on making it so far (90 freaking days!) and making it here, time and time again, to tell us your story.


  6. It was great reading about your journey! I wish you the best!