Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 70: That Awkward First Kiss

Have you ever had a first kiss that is magical?  Full of promise, tenderness, passion, yearning...all that you would envision a first kiss with your soulmate would be?  I have.  Its wonderful.  Wonderful and might I say, very very rare.  Have you ever had a first kiss that was awkward?  Uncomfortable, strange, cold, weird.  Those, sadly, are much more common.  Tonight was 530 with Patty, an exercise in the ultimate awkward first kiss.  I love Patty and usually have great practices with her.  But tonight, I felt so off, so strange.  Who's body is this?  Why is it cramping so much?  It's out of alignment.  It's a bit clumsy.  It's not strong, but not weak, just sort of there.  It's certainly not hydrated enough and it's a little bit tired.  Foot cramps in the standing series, unable to "get it" about standing bow...falling out, falling out, all crooked limbs and strange alignment.  Spine series: nailed a fabulous cobra, best ever, then felt strange in locust posture.  My arms were under my body, pinned, awkward, numb and my legs would not rise off the ground gracefully like I blogged about a month ago.  Instead I struggled, sweaty limbs, awkward breath and lay there with a numb right arm when it was over.  The magic of fluid, graceful, strong, beautiful limbs that I have been blessed to experience during this challenge was ever elusive, avoiding me at every turn.  But it was ok, because for all of the awkward first kisses we experience, how magical, wonderful, beautiful is it when we find love, chemistry, passion.  And I've found those, in various practices, and I know, there is more....waiting for me....around the corner....

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