Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 76: Best Class of My Entire Bikram Life

I cannot explain the euphoria I am feeling at this moment.  I'm not even going to try and write it out, instead, I'll just catalog what happened today.  I went to 1130 with young Mark.  I parked myself front row, snuggled to the left of the podium with instructor Patty and regular Christian to the left of me.  Class started and I could feel the quiet focused energy flowing up and down that row.  Breathing started and I could feel it, feel that I was strong today.  My mind started to wander in glee, chattering in happy surprise and that quiet watchful piece of me kept pulling it back in, into the breath.  I focused and breathed.  Flowing in and out of postures with strength, ease and grace.  Strong awkward series, finally getting up on my toes and getting my body back during that second part and holding it, thighs strong and steady.  No falling out of eagle and almost wrapping on the right side.  Standing head to knee, this is where I really saw that today was different.  I kicked out, both sides, both sets, holding it the whole time with the exception of once (fell out with about 5 seconds left).  Usually when I kick out I cannot stay there for very long.  Today I really sucked my stomach in and focused on breathing, not worrying about the elbows coming down yet.  I just breathed, sucked the tummy in, kept both knees locked and really worked getting that heel toward the mirror, and getting the stretch in the Achilles tendon  It was the absolute best I have ever done!  Standing bow, again, I had strong postures, both sides, both sets, holding the right side for the full minute!  Balancing stick, was strong and by the time I got to triangle I made progress there as well.  I've been getting my finger between the big and second toe left side only (started a few weeks ago) but today, I nailed that on both sides both sets!  My hips are finally opening up!  Floor series was solid, with some very strong spine postures and by the time I got to that last stretching posture where you try to get your forehead to your toes I made a leap the second set.  I got my tummy down onto my thighs finally and my elbows went on either side of my calves for the first time ever!  I came out of the posture realizing I just had the best practice of my life and my heart started to pound with wild elation.  It was an unbelievable feeling!  To really nail a strong posture here and there is common, but to have an entire series of doing the best ever on almost every posture, to feel so focused, so calm, so flexible was amazing.  This is why you go past 60 days.  This is what Mary Jarvis was talking about!  Holy shit!


  1. Yup, you get days like that in the last 30 days. And its totally amazing. I'm envious. Maybe I'll try for 100 days again sometime this summer.


  2. That is so awesome, Michelle. You go girl!

  3. Awesome!! I get a rush just reading this. I haven't had one of those classes in a while, but man, they are so memorable when they come along. That will stay with you for a really long time. :)